Switchgear Suppliers in Dubai


Switchgear Supplier Company in Dubai

Switchgear - one of the most important devices in electrical power systems. It is used for controlling, regulating and switch on or off the electrical circuits in power systems. The main component of switchgear is a circuit breaker, which can be operated even manually when required. It is also designed to trip automatically in the event of an overload or any type of fault or abnormality in the system.

Target Link Building Materials Trading LLC have been supplying electrical switchgear and our customers can rely on our team who have extensive experience in the field of switchgear systems. As the leading switchgear suppliers, We are committed to providing our customers with the most trusted switchgear brands - Hager electrical switchgear in Dubai.

Key Features of Hager Switchgear

  • Protection against overloads
  • Protection against short circuits
  • Complete reliability
  • Provision for manual control
  • Quick operation
  • Suitable for isolation with Positive contact indicator
  • Line -load reversibility
  • More features and more safety to the customers

Our aim is to provide a flawless range of products meeting world class standards to our customers and retain the name as the best switchgear suppliers in Dubai.

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